Environmentally Aware


The problem in perspective

  • 90% of motorized travel is less than 3 miles.
  • Americans waste 2.3 Billion gallons of gasoline per year stuck in traffic (earthlab.com).
  • The average commuter produces 3.4 tons of CO2 annually (earthlab.com).<
  • If 1 in 4 people commuted 5 miles a week on bicycle, the air would be spared 6.7 million tons of carbon dioxide (bikeroute.com).

BikeLid is the solution

Used daily, one BikeLid can prevent more than one ton of greenhouse gas from being emitted every year.1BikeLid-Bike-Storage-Locker

  • 1 BikeLid2is made with post-consumer recycled plastic equivalent to 125 water bottles (.5 liter).3
  • Are made with steel containing up to 100% recycled material.
  • Are made from  100% recyclable materials.
  • Are made completely in the USA.
  • Are made without using environmentally harmful solvents.

1 - Based on single BikeLid occupancy and an average commute of 3 miles each way per day.
2 - Standard Granite Style BikeLid.
3 - Based on 2008 Post Consumer PET Bottle Bale Composition Analysis Report by National  Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR).