BikeLid Markets

BikeLid’s unique characteristics of unmatched security,  durability,  appealing design,  installation flexibility and ease of use and management give it the broadest range of application for covered bicycle parking in the marketplace for staff,  students,  visitors,  and residents.   Example uses include:

  • Workplace campuses and office buildings, as well as beneficial advertising/sponsorship platform, fostering community goodwill.bikelid-on-New-York-City-Street
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, offices
  • Education: Universities, colleges, high/middle schools
  • Transit: Rail and bus stations, “park and rides”
  • Municipal: Office facilities, libraries, museums, convention centers
  • Governmental: Military bases and other government offices/campuses
  • Recreation: Sports stadiums, resorts, parks, beaches, zoos, trailheads
  • Multi-family: Apartment and condominium complexes, planned communities

Why is secure covered bicycle parking important and necessary?

Vehicle congestion and parking are recognized as major issues in metropolitan areas throughout North America, and inordinate amounts of time, energy, and money are consumed addressing the need for more parking. While additional vehicle parking at the place of work or play, either on or off-site, is typically considered, so too are ways to encourage employees and visitors to commute by means other than personal car.

Encouraging employees to ride bicycles to work is among the directives of most government and private employers. However, as revealed in a recent NYC Department of Transportation Bicycle Study, the MAIN reason people do not ride to work is a lack of SECURE, LONG-TERM parking. The addition of BikeLid® bicycle storage units to your “parking mix” for employees and visitors makes sense economically, as well as to further your organization’s Green Commuter Plan and Healthy Lifestyles initiatives.

Employees, students and visitors who use BikeLid® storage units at their destination, release on-site vehicle parking for others. At a total cost of less than $1,000 per commuter, BikeLids can park up to 12 bicycles in one car space. With car parking development costs ranging from $10,000 (surface) to $50,000 (structured) per car space, the benefit of encouraging bicycle commuting is readily apparent. Further, due to its unique design, BikeLids can be installed in areas where cars can’t - in tight areas, and on any ground surface, from earth to concrete.

In addition to the benefits of reducing car parking demand, BikeLids can help your organization achieve other “sustainable worksite” objectives:bike-storage-downtown-at-night

  • Reduce employee stress and healthcare costs
  • Increase staff performance/productivity
  • Secure building/facility LEED credits for Ecological Covered Bicycle Parking
  • Secure Commuter Tax Benefits
  • Acquire the “Best Workplace for Commuters” designation
  • Contribute to improved air quality in your community

Why BikeLid®

Compared to “bike lockers” of any manufacture, BikeLids® are the easiest to install and use, the most secure and durable, hassle and maintenance free, and exhibit the lowest long-term ownership cost. In total, installing BikeLid® bicycle storage units represents the lowest-cost improvement you can make to encourage staff and visitors to commute by bicycle. BikeLid’s secure features, unique sculpted design, and ease of access stimulate use by cyclists and responds to their concerns about bicycle theft, protection from the elements, and convenience.

While bike security is of primary concern to the cyclist, for administrators, security of their properties and the public using them is of ultimate concern. BikeLid® is the only bike storage system that responds fully, without modification, to property owners’ security concerns. The raised sculpted design, coupled with the interior bike-support frame, discourages human or animal habitation, garbage collection, or use for any purpose but bicycle and bicycle accessory storage. Approved and recommended by security and police, and with the use of an “under-car mirror”, BikeLid® is the only bike storage unit on the market that enables complete security monitoring without opening.