How A BikeLid Works

The Bikelid® is a patented form of Class I bicycle parking that provides one or two full sized bicycles complete protection from vandalism, theft and the elements, and can be installed on any ground surface. The tough yet lightweight polyethylene, compound curved shell is further strengthened by steel reinforcement and is attached by industrial spring-loaded hinges to a steel bicycle guide and frame. The spring-loaded hinges allow the lid to be effortlessly lifted. The Bikelid’s® locking mechanism is secured by the bicyclist’s own lock – the better the lock, the greater the security. 

lift-bikelidEffortlessly lift the shell with the  convenient front handle as you would a car hood. The shell is counterbalanced so anyone can do it.

park-bikelid-in-bikelid-podRoll your bicycle into the unit - the BikeLid holds two full sized bicycles so you can share it if riding with a friend.

lock-the-bikelid-once-installedLock the bicycle and accessories with your own high quality U-lock or padlock. For added security, bikes can also be locked to BikeLid’s interior steel frame, using a U or cable lock.