Northridge, CA

“…I can report that the LADOT and the Metrolink Commuters who cycle to the Stations are very happy with the product. With 3+ years of service at some stations and Park & Ride Lots, our decision to transition to BikeLids for the provision of secure, covered bike parking at transit stations within the LADOT system…

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Riverside, CA

“…the Commission has purchased and installed six BikeLids at both the Riverside Downtown and North Main Corona stations. The BikeLid is a competitively priced alternative product that significantly alleviates both the complexity and cost of a traditional bike locker. …the unique design has been demonstrated to increase awareness and consideration of bicycle use… The units…

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Dallas, TX

“DART has received a federal grant to replace aged and worn bike lockers with a new environmentally friendly state of the art BikeLids. The 142 new bikelids meet homeland security requirements. They are homeless and vandal resistant, and do not overheat and melt plastic bike components.” —

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Atlanta, GA

“Sixteen consecutive sell-out sessions with no bicycle thefts or damage. BikeLids were used by our spectators 100% of the time and garnered many compliments for their utility and ease of use.” — U.S. Summer Olympics Venue Manager, Atlanta, GA

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Sacramento, CA

“We love our BikeLids, and love the wrap. The community has had nothing but good comments about them. It’s like a little bit of art – that’s useful too.” — Sarah Janus, Program Coordinator, North Natomas TMA, Sacramento, CA

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