Across the US, Canada, the UK and Norway, BikeLid’s security, durability, appealing design, installation flexibility and ease of use, give it the broadest range of applications for secure covered bicycle parking. BikeLid’s innovative design provides durable and secure bike parking across several markets, supporting organization bike commuting goals, securing green building designations and increasing transit ridership.

  • Corporations: workplace campuses and office buildings
  • Educational Campuses: universities, colleges, high schools and middle schools
  • Governmental Sites: military bases and other government offices and campuses
  • Healthcare Facilities: hospitals, clinics, and offices
  • Multi-family Housing: apartment and condominium complexes
  • Municipalities: office facilities, libraries, museums and convention centers
  • Recreation Venues: sports stadiums, resorts, parks, beaches, zoos, and trailheads
  • Retail: stores, malls, restaurants, baristas, promoting customer and employee goodwill, as well as an advertising platform
  • Single-family: where garage or interior space is limited
  • Transit Hubs: rail and bus stations and “park and rides”

Municipalities: Secure Bike Parking Supports Bike Commuting

While bike security is of primary concern to the cyclist, the security of their properties and the public using them is of ultimate concern to building administrators. BikeLid® is the only bike storage system that responds fully, without modification, to property owners’ security concerns. The raised sculpted design, coupled with the interior bike-support frame, discourages human or animal habitation, garbage collection, or use for any purpose but bicycle and bicycle accessory storage. BikeLid allows complete security monitoring without opening and is approved and recommended by security and police.

Green Construction: BikeLid Generates up to 5 LEED Credits

The Bracewell Library in Houston, Texas, included new construction of a 12,000 sq. ft. library as a Class A structural steel building. The building will feature the distinct usage of clay, masonry, metal panels, high glass walls and metal roof. The main public areas will be open structure and include a 60-space parking lot with BikeLid bicycle parking units. The project will be LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certified and the BikeLid installation can generate up to 5 LEED points for bicycle facilities from the following attributes:

  • Reducing pollution and land development impacts from automobile use (LEED SS Credit 4.2),
  • Increasing the demand for building products that incorporate recycled content materials (LEED MR Credit 4.2), and
  • Increasing demand for building materials and products that are extracted and manufactured within the region (LEED MR Credit 5.2).

Transit Authorities: Building Ridership with BikeLid Secure Long-term Parking

By maximizing ridership, transit authorities meet other key objectives including reducing auto congestion, decreasing carbon emissions and lowering overall transportation costs, while enhancing the health of the population. Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has built ridership by supporting multimodal transportation, in this case, bike commuting to public transit, by installing hundreds of BikeLids at transit stations across the county. BikeLid solves both bike and property owner security concerns and has fewer installation, management and maintenance issues usually associated with traditional bike lockers. Secure bike parking encourages cyclists to incorporate transit into their daily commute.