The BikeLid® Story

Bike-friendly cities encourage bike commuting to ease traffic congestion. This also minimizes the need for car parking, reduces air pollution and improves community health. BikeLid® was developed by Steve Voorhees, who was looking for secure bike parking to encourage more bike commuting. The first BikeLid design had to catch your eye and be easy to operate—it was part sculpture and part engineering marvel. Steve launched BikeLid at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. One of the Olympic Venue Managers noted:

“Sixteen consecutive sold-out sessions with no bicycle thefts or damage. BikeLids were used by our spectators 100% of the time and garnered many compliments for their utility and ease of use.”

BikeLid’s are now installed across the country and in Canada, the United Kingdom and Norway. Steve has an ongoing passion for helping companies integrate environmentally and socially responsible practices into their businesses. All of this has led him to found a wind and solar development company, Ridgeline Energy in 2002, and a renewable energy solutions company, Teichos Energy in 2012.

Selected News Coverage

Over the years BikeLid has been covered across the web.

Cyclists are renting containers to keep bikes downtown, Greenville WYFF4 News 4

Innovation, The VIA Way: Here Comes The Bike Lid, by Eileen Pace

“…Perhaps there’s no place at work to store a bicycle. Or perhaps the bus drops the rider off so close to their destination that the bike won’t be needed. Enter the Bike Lid, covered parking for your bike…”

Farmers Branch Helps Create Safer Roadways for Cyclists and Motorists, by Linda Webb-Manon

“…All DART buses and trains can accommodate bicycles…many rail stations and transit centers offer bike racks or bike lids.”

Greenville expanding bike storage program, by Staff

“’We have maintained a waiting list for the personal bike lockers almost from the time the first BikeLids were installed,’ said Greenlink Manager of Administration Greg Baney. ‘We’re happy to be able to expand the program, and to further our goal of enhancing multimodal transit for a growing community.'”

Looking for something different in a bike locker? By Bill Bean

“…What sets BikeLid apart is the design (clearly) and the fact that it is unlikely to be used for any other purpose. There’s a gap between the bottom of the cover and ground, rendering it unsuitable for ‘accommodation’ or other storage.”


“Five BikeLid secure bicycle parking units have been installed at the University Metrorail Station. BikeLid claims their product provides security from vandals, thieves, and the elements. Based on a brief examination I think the product does all of which it claims…”

Capital Metro Blog in Austin Texas, reports New Bicycle Parking Demo

“…Commuters at the Pavilion Park & Ride in Northwest Austin may notice something different in the bicycle parking area. It’s called a BikeLid and it’s a new, safe and eco-friendly way to park your bicycle. The BikeLid is used in other major cities across the country, like Portland, Tampa, and NYC.”