Durable and secure, long-term bike parking is key to supporting bicycle commuting. The BikeLid® is a patented form of secure, long-term bike parking that provides one or two bicycles superior protection from the elements, vandals, and thieves. Made in the USA and offering a 10-year limited warranty, the standard BikeLid® clam-shell cover is granite colored and parks two bicycles with handlebars up to 26-inches wide. Single BikeLids are also available and can accommodate extra-wide handlebars up to 36-inches.

Through our subsidiary, Tube Bending Northwest, we also manufacture traditional and custom bike racks—including U and O (singles and ganged), wave and vertical—available in stainless steel, hot dipped galvanized or powder coated finishes.

Easy to Use

Graffiti and UV Resistant Shell

BikeLid has a tough, UV and graffiti resistant polyethylene shell that protects bikes and components from the weather, theft, and vandalism. The shell is further strengthened by a steel frame, which pivots on an axel, lift-assisted by an industrial compression spring.

Secure Double Locking Option

Bikes can be locked to the inner guide or frame, and the lid can be locked over the bike(s) using the cyclist’s own lock(s). Optional pre-installed locks include keyed, combination or “on-demand” electronic locks.

Easy to Install and Configure

BikeLid units are delivered fully assembled and can be installed on any ground surface, from earth to concrete, in a matter of minutes. The unit occupies less than 39 square feet for two bikes. BikeLids can park up to 12 bicycles in one car parking space and can be installed in corner spots that are unusable by cars. Suggested configurations for multiple BikeLids include:

Sustainable and Ecological

Secure, long-term bike parking is the key to meeting sustainability goals and encouraging bicycle commuting, which in turn reduces air pollution, eases traffic congestion and reduces the need for car parking. BikeLids are made without environmentally harmful solvents and with 100% recyclable materials. The units qualify for LEED credits for bicycle facilities.

Approved by Security and Police

BikeLids meet homeland security requirements for monitoring without opening. The design deters storing non-bike property and discourages habitation.

BikeLid Options

  • Colors of the rainbow or full wrap: BikeLids are available in granite and standard colors: yellow, green, blue, red, black, or to match custom PMS colors. Logos and graphics can also be added with mold-on graphics, vinyl graphics or a full vinyl wrap.
  • Interior gear hooks: Aluminum, powder-coated steel or stainless-steel hooks for hanging coats and gear can be added to the BikeLid interior steel security hoop, inside the top of the interior steel frame.
  • A window for validation ticket: An optional 3-inch by 4-inch validation window, with ticket clip, can be located on the front shoulder of the BLD4-Boot4$list BikeLid. The window is available for vendors who will charge for secure bike parking on a payer-use basis and request users display a validation ticket.
  • BikeLid security boot: Using the “lock boot”, agencies can prevent “rules of use abusers” or non-paying customers from retrieving their bike until the appropriate fees are paid.

Download, “BikeLid Secure Bike Parking Units”

Traditional and Custom Bike Racks

Through our subsidiary, Tube Bending Northwest, BikeLid, LLC manufactures traditional and custom bike racks—including U and O (singles and ganged), wave and vertical —available in stainless steel, hot dipped galvanized or powder coated finishes.



We offer precision 3-dimensional tube and pipe bending and fabrication in a variety of materials and sizes. Our 3-axis, 2-axis, and roll-bending CNC machines produce repeatable parts and high accuracy levels measured in tenths of degrees.

For applications that require long runs of a tube, we also offer tube-joining services including end welding, swaging, and coupling. Through our network, we can also provide large material roll bending and plate forming, laser and plasma cutting, galvanizing, powder coating, and a variety of other manufacturing services. Our tube bending services are also available for these applications:

  • Handrails, architectural and art elements
  • Street furniture and furniture frames
  • Shelter and sign frames, retail displays
  • Prototyping
  • Chassis, roll cages and trailer frames
  • Corona rings and substation components
  • Marine tubing and shelter frames
  • Agricultural/machinery tubing
  • Lawn and garden products
  • Dairy tubing and animal containment
  • Exercise and sporting goods
  • Automotive and aviation tubing
  • Meter guards and boiler tubing

Download, “BikeLid Custom Bike Racks”